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Vlogging Workshop

Personal Coaching by Sujimy Mohamad

Date:  12th to 13th September 2018
Time:  10am to 5pm
Venue:  Oasis Discover Centre @Oasis Village, Ara Damansara


Create Your Brand Awareness With Vlogging

In this practical 2-day workshop, you will be vlogging & editing in both outdoor and indoor environments. Sujimy will be coaching you personally on the technical and storytelling aspects of vlogging. Each session will be facilitated so that adequate attention will be given to each participant. 

Get access to Sujimy’s personal and award-winning story-telling knowledge and experience in the world of vlogging and video-making.

Gain experience and work with Sujimy directly to steer your video content in the right direction. He will share with you hidden elements of a viral video and how to produce a sustainable vlog series.

Produce better video content and reach more people through engaging vlogs. Vlogging is the future for personal branding and marketing.

(Note: This workshop is suitable for 18 years and above. Participants need to bring a recording device like a phone or digital camera and a laptop with editing software.)

What You Will Learn From The Workshop

  • The different vlogging styles and filming
  • How to establish your vlogs in various filming conditions and limitations
  • Master the art of planning your vlog & stories on-the-go
  • Planning a quick storyboard on-the-go
  • How to vlog with a single camera and maintain quality (with just ONE good vlogging camera or phone)
  • How to take additional and relevant ‘cutaway’ shots for your vlog and make it engaging
  • How to use more than one camera to vlog a single story
  • Recording quality audio separately
  • Transitions that will make your vlog smooth and impactful
  • How to conduct an effective interview in a vlog
  • The various interview formats to fit your vlog
After each vlogging session, you will go into edit with Sujimy and you will learn:
  • The editing basics with iMovie or Adobe Premiere
  • How to effectively use music, atmosphere, montage and soundbites in your vlog How to stitch two sequences when you don’t have a good transition
  • Why ‘ruthless’ editing is needed when editing your vlog
  • Making editing part of your planning stage in every vlog
  • Inserting a call-to-action message in your edit

Sujimy Mohamad

Director of ScreenBox Pte Ltd,
Vlog Producer, 
Social Media Influencer.

The 30-year veteran in the media industry honed his skills early in the backrooms of broadcasting stations. Today, this National University of Singapore alumnus is a prominent member of the TV industry – in Singapore and the region. He is also well respected within the Malay community for his creative achievements.

Sought-after for his expertise and proven track record in the TV industry, Sujimy has personally led his company to win no less than 5 international Awards. In December 2015, he led a team of 47 artists to break the Guinness World Records for the longest pavement anamorphic art. 
On the marketing front, he is also well-known amongst advertisers and ad agencies in creating effective and viral marketing videos.

Sujimy is also a social media influencer with more than 150,000 followers on his FB page. He vlogs human-interest stories with social messaging. His vlogs have garnered between 500k to 3.2 million views reaching out to 6 million people reached. 

To date, he has produced and directed over 80 TV shows and numerous viral videos.

Workshop Investment

We have two options..

The “Office People” Package

Corporate & Industry Rate

RM1,499.00 per person

  • This package is suitable for…
  • Executives, Supervisors, Managers, Industry experts in any organisations
  • Corporate Comm & Marketing Peeps
  • Anyone who wants to claim for HRDF Funds
  • Representative from large corporations or organisations
  • Big Media Brand, News or Agencies
  • GLC, Government, Multinationals, Banking, Oil & Gas, IT
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