How to Stand Out on LinkedIn: Videos

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How to Stand Out on LinkedIn: Videos

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At the time of its launch in 2017, LinkedIn was late to the game in introducing videos to its platform compared to other social media / social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. 

But LinkedIn proved that it was better to be late than never, because video content turned out to be the highest performing type of content on LinkedIn. According to Hootsuite, LinkedIn’s video posts generated 300 million impressions in just the course of a year. (1) Videos also gain an average of 3 times the engagement of text posts

Throughout 2018, LinkedIn began prioritising video content on its platform, but not just any type of video content. LinkedIn strives to encourage its users to produce native videos, or original videos directly recorded and uploaded by them, instead of just sharing external video links from YouTube or Vimeo. 

Why should videos be your priority on LinkedIn?

If the fact that LinkedIn native videos are 5 times more likely than other content to start conversations still doesn’t convince you, that’s alright. (2) Here’s why your focus should be on LinkedIn videos.

1. Video posts show up more often on news feeds

As well as promoting content that’s relevant and interesting to you, a part of LinkedIn’s algorithm includes causing video posts to appear more frequently on your feed. LinkedIn recognises the demand for more videos, and therefore tries to meet that demand by pushing more video posts to the top. 

2. Helps your connections feel closer to you

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Beth Granger, a LinkedIn Consultant & Trainer, said in an interview with Forbes that “People have said they feel like they know me because they can see me and hear me.” That basically explains the impact of videos. Videos let you express who you really are to your audience, and show your authentic personality. They humanise you and your brand, and allow your followers to better connect with you. 

Tips for sharing videos on LinkedIn

1. Optimise videos for mobile

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Nowadays, people want convenient and simple ways to obtain information instead of having to open their hefty laptops. They want content they can easily consume wherever and whenever, and that means on their mobile phones. 

57% of all LinkedIn engagement happens via mobile. (3)  Keep that in mind when you’re producing your next video. You can make your videos specifically orientated to fit mobile screens. In addition to that, add subtitles to your videos for users who mute them while watching in public. 

2. Keep videos short and sweet

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Business2Community did a study on Facebook videos and found out that in 2017, the average length of a video post was 3 minutes and 48 seconds, with only 10 seconds of the footage actually viewed. (4) Human beings are so busy and impatient nowadays that we refuse to invest our time in anything. 

That’s why if you want to make a LinkedIn video, it is ideal to summarise the entire topic within the first 6 seconds to grab users’ attention. Make sure you’ve reeled them in before you start going into the details. When you do, keep your words strong, solid, and straight to the point.

3. Be professional in your videos

LinkedIn is a social networking platform but, at the end of the day, it’s still a platform built for professionals. The LinkedIn audience isn’t used to comedy videos with no direction and choppy editing. However, that doesn’t mean low quality videos are doomed to fail on LinkedIn. 

Nowadays, people don’t want high quality marketing videos anymore. In fact, the quality of the video no longer matters. People care about substance. They want to learn something from your videos, to get answers for their questions. LinkedIn users don’t go on LinkedIn to be entertained by meaningless skits. Be professional with your audience and the content you put out.

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Ruby Lee, self-proclaimed LinkedIn’s #1 side-hustle coach and global speaker, is a great example that if you have something to say, the medium of which you show it doesn’t matter. She has over 27k followers and her videos mostly consist of her giving out personal advice to her audience.

Ruby’s videos aren’t of the best quality, most of them filmed directly with her smartphone. But that doesn’t matter, because what she lacks in quality she makes up for in her professionalism and valuable content. That’s exactly what gets her high rates of engagement for every single video she posts. 

Strategies for posting on LinkedIn

Now you know the tips to make the effective videos. How often should you post them? How should you promote them?

1. Post consistently instead of frequently

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Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube changed their algorithm a while ago, making it so that the more content you post, the higher the chances of you appearing on someone’s feed. This means that the chance of you standing out on those platforms depends on how often you post. 

With LinkedIn, it’s completely the opposite. LinkedIn’s algorithm only asks for you to be consistent, and post content that is useful to your audience. Instead of trying to be relevant and posting 20 times a day, make and stick to a posting schedule of, say, twice a day. Let your followers get used to the schedule. Let them come to your page anticipating for new, fresh posts. 

2. Quality over quantity

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If you make a schedule that involves posting 20 times a day, sooner or later you’ll run out of content to post. What do you do then? There’s literally no point posting meaningless content just to fill your slots. You’re more likely to lose followers going down that path. 

Even with algorithms changing all the time, one thing platforms will make sure is that their users get the best quality content. If you put out good content, it doesn’t even matter how frequent you post. Give your audience something to expect. Give them meaningful content that’s worth the wait. 

3. Set goals to accomplish

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Make objectives. Stick to them.

For you to be posting content regularly, it is extremely necessary and useful for you to know why you are posting. That way, you can monitor your posts’ progress to see if it meets its purpose. It also gives you the drive to create and share meaningful content with your followers. 

For example, your aim was to drive traffic to your website, but your videos are getting more likes than clicks to your site. That tells you that something’s wrong with your strategy and you might have to change the way you promote your videos. You could add a call to action to get people visiting your website. 

So how do you stand out on LinkedIn? Elevate yourself or your brand by using videos.  Whatever your goal is, stay relevant to your audience by consistently posting quality video content. By doing so, your audience is able to connect with you as human beings and learn from your expertise and professionalism. 


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written by Ng Li Wei

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